About West Hills

“West is Best” – William S. Hart - My Life East & West

West Hills offers the best of modern Auckland - easy access to the CBD, sensational shopping and inspiring schools, east and west coast beaches, and an amazing outdoor adventure playland right at your doorstep. What more does anyone need to enjoy vibrant “Green City Living”?

New Universal homes at West Hills are packed with outstanding features and exciting smart design innovations to cater to the demands of modern life - offering everything from better energy efficiency to safety reassuring security systems.

Your new West Hills home is built to maximise space for comfortable living while minimising the demand for maintenance, allowing you more free time to enjoy all dynamic West Hills has to offer.

Built with quality products to withstand all the seasons, our energy efficient homes are not only kinder on your wallet, they also provide a healthier environment through clever use of materials and aspect to utilise the sun. You can rest assured that with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee, your West Hills Universal home will stand the test of time.

About Westhills Development


About Westhills Development

Living at West Hills provides you with a vibrant combination of modern lifestyle advantages that provide long lasting benefits to new home owners.

This intensive designed, master-planned ‘Green City Living’ community offers you an exciting Shop/Work/Learn/Play lifestyle on the city fringe – with easy access in all directions, sensational shopping and new civic amenities, inspiring schools, breath-taking  west coast beaches, and an amazing outdoor adventure playland right at your doorstep.  


Each precinct within West Hills is planned and designed in detail according to a comprehensive ‘Green City Living’ masterplan that guides the development.  Locations for neighbourhood parks, reserves, walkways and cycleways, bus stops and the main road network have been thoughtfully identified.

The high quality of urban design, mix of housing options, varied style of streetscapes, energy efficiency features and value pricing of the housing has been the collective result of urban designers Isthmus leading the master planning, along with other key Architects Avery Team architects and Construkt Architects. 

About Westhills Development

The Living Difference

About Westhills Development

We call our ground-breaking vision for quality homes at West Hills 'The Living Difference'. Universal Homes has over 59 years of proven systems and state-of-the-art building solutions for delivering on our vision time and time again, for home owner after home owner, year after year.

This means our homes at West Hills are not only outstanding value for money, but are industry leading in their innovation, while they are Master Build guaranteed to be of absolute quality and superior design.